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Subj: Doctor numbering - what this board is calling them, so we don't all get confused! (please take notes folks!!)
Posted: Wed Nov 27, 2013 at 11:56:32 am GMT (Viewed 650 times)

To halt any confusion - we shall be using the following numbering for the Doctors:

For the 'original' series (and McGann) Doctors they are of course 1 to 8, as always.

From there on, obviously they've confused the issue with Tennant using up an extra regen and Hurt renouncing the title, but until the BBC says otherwise (and despite anyone else favorite theories/opinions) we will use the numbering/naming the BBC/Moffat have stated, that is:

Hurt is 'the war doctor'/'warrior' (or whatever he didn't really tell us what he wanted to be called, just what he didn't!)
Eccleston is 9
Tennant is 10
Smith is 11
Capaldi is 12

Regardless of actual incarnation/regeneration number!
So if discussing Smith by number he is Doc 11, if you wish to use another scale to make a point, state it, eg. the 13th incarnation/physical body etc. but he's still the 11th Doctor.

Whilst everyone is allowed an opinion on why that is wrong and why the BBC are making a mistake and you're welcome to make you case - please stick to the official BBC numbers, so we all know when you say '11' who you actually mean!
I frequent a couple of boards and some folks are insisting on calling Eccelston, 10 etc. with out any context and it's confusing everyone!

If the BBC revise the numbers then we will, till then...

And Thank you!

Whilst you are welcome to discuss this decision, please do so in a new thread, as intend to sticky this one to the top of the board and as such will be locking it, so it can't take over and shove all new threads and posts off the bottom of the board!


I did a fuller post elsewhere on the board, comparing the number of 'Doctors' against 'Incarnations' and 'regenerations', against the current BBC/Moffat stance, which i've reproduced below:

"The Doctor" is a title he gave himself and up to recently we though, every incarnation used the title, so we assumed the 11th Doctor was the 11th incarnation.

Didn't have to be the case, had he changed title with each regeneration then we wouldn't be having this discussion.

Folks just need to be clear on what scale they're counting!

Basically the current numbering/list is as follows:

Hartnell - 1st Incarnation - not a regeneration - First to use title "Doctor" (thus 1st Doctor)
Troughton - 2nd Incarnation - first regeneration - Second to use title "Doctor" (thus 2nd Doctor)
Pertwee - 3rd Incarnation - second regeneration - Third to use title "Doctor" (thus 3rd Doctor)
Baker T - 4th Incarnation - third regeneration - Fourth to use title "Doctor" (thus 4th Doctor)
Davison - 5th Incarnation - fourth regeneration - Fifth to use title "Doctor" (thus 5th Doctor)
Baker C - 6th Incarnation - fifth regeneration - Sixth to use title "Doctor" (thus 6th Doctor)
McCoy - 7th Incarnation - sixth regeneration - Seventh to use title "Doctor" (thus 7th Doctor)

McGann - 8th Incarnation - seventh regeneration - Eight to use title "Doctor" (thus 8th Doctor)

Now we start to confuse it!
Hurt - 9th Incarnation - eight regeneration - Rejects the title "Doctor" (thus War Doctor/Warrior - his title of choice is not really made clear, just he does not use the name Doctor, he makes that clear - BBC credits aside! \:\-p other may address him as such, but to him he is not!)

Eccleston - 10th Incarnation - ninth regeneration - Starts reusing Doctor title again so Ninth to use title "Doctor" (thus 9th Doctor - still! \:\) )

Tennant - 11th Incarnation - tenth regeneration - Tenth to use title "Doctor" (thus 10th Doctor)

Now we confuse it further as Tennant did use a regeneration cycle up, even if he symponed most of it off and didn't change - but Moffat (it would appear) is counting it as one of the 12 all used up so that means:

Tennant, also - still in his 11th Incarnation as he didn't complete the regeneration - although his eleventh regeneration was used - so still Tenth to use title "Doctor" (thus still 10th Doctor)

[Also Tennant - Alt Incarnation from hand - meta-crisis/11th regen energy used but he cannot regenerate again - Alt Tenth but uses title "Doctor" (thus Alt 10th Doctor, 10.5 doctor etc.)]

Smith - 12th Incarnation - twelfth (final? yeah right!) regeneration - 11th to use title "Doctor" (thus 11th Doctor)

Capaldi - 13th Incarnation - Thirteenth!! regeneration, told you so! - 12th to use the title Doctor!

So Capaldi is the both the 12th doctor, the 13th Incarnation and the 13th regeneration!

Those last few will hopefully be confirmed on the regeneration count at Christmas when it will be definitive or we'll update based on that episode.

What's so confusing? ;\)

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