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Subj: In law brat
Posted: Sun Jun 02, 2019 at 05:09:17 pm CDT (Viewed 133 times)

My nephew (sis in law's) is a little bugger. I'll call him 'B'.

My daughter is 4, with her cousin a few months older and just had his fifth birthday.

Nothing we do is ever good enough and the in-laws see us as competion. Both the wife and I have reasonably good jobs, whilst they are in minimum wage. Due to maxing out credit cards, loans, creative finances they have managed to get a nicer house than us, but thier cashflow is completly buggered, with no disposable cash, with whinges and random text messages from them telling us how skint they are all the time.

Thier 5 year old says nasty things, is on a behaviour plan for hitting smaller boys and girls at his school. He is constantly shouted at by his parents with no actual follow through with threats. He knows they won't follow through so does what he wants.

We ended up being in church with them (they also have a 3 year old boy who is usually well behaved). Anyway 'B' is running around the church with his trousers arounds his ankles in front of everyone. His mum is screaming in my ear 'he's showing everyone his pants, DO SOMETHING!' which I respond through clenched teeth for her or her husband to do something.

At this point he has got to the speakers in front of the aisle and is pulling one of the leads towards him, with the speaker visibly moving. His dad is staring at him gormlessly and I leaned forward and told him unless he did something his son was about to kill himself. To which he finally went and grabbed him.

His mum seems to think he is 'gifted' hence why his behaviour is bad. From what I've observed his speech is about average, he can't hold a pencil, can't read and says 'dog' and 'cat' a lot. What's your favourite animal? 'Dog', What animals did you see in the zoo today? 'Dog' etc.

Anyway, I spent 4 days with the in laws in a caravan (not shared TF).

We came home and the next day, they were stood outside our house. B running around and throwing things in our dining room. When he saw my cat, he said he liked dogs and I honestly think he thought my cat was a dog.

So today, they turned up again unannounced. I'm supervising them, when I walk back into the living room. The sister in law is looking up wifi password on the bottom of my router, whilst the dad is going through my laptop, looks up and has a guilty look on his face. I walk over to the laptop, see he's going through my chrome windows and I just 3 key lock it and take it away from him. B walks in and then opens up my daughters 'lol' band which had a lot of sand in it (it's part of the toy) and it fell on the carpet. His dad screamed at him (in front of my daughter) and told him to sit on the 'naughty' step. I waited a minute and then said he didn't know the toy had sand on it. So, to be clear, I stuck on for him here. I didn't appreciate his dad screaming in front of my daughter in my house.

The wife comes down and plays a game. The kid turns around and says my wife stinks (she didn't). The parents didn't do anything. I'm frustrated with all of this going on under my roof, so I said to him, we're not going to tolerate this, we'd love him to stay, but if he uses the same language he'll have to go home. I make a point to say this calmly, whilst remaining sat down.

He said it again, about a minute later. This time his dead does the screaming and shouting act. He comes off the step after screaming his head off and I said to him calmly, I've told him before, but he will be going if he says it again.

Needless to say, 30 seconds later, he says it again. At this point his mum starts packing up, with them both screaming at him. I literally give zero f's at this point and just want them out of my house.

Harsh? If it wasn't under my roof I wouldn't be as fussed.

Sister in law says he's been crying all the way home (doubtful). If true, hopefully he'll learn not to mess around, or at least not at my house. I am not having a kid being willfully disrespectful in my own house repeatedly, particularly when not invited. If he doesn't respect my family, he won't respect my daughter and that is a red line for me.

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