It's all Queen Victoria's Fault!

The History of Torchwood
Defending the British Empire!
From the end of the 19th Century in Highlands of Scotland to Modern day Cardiff:

Personally founded by Her Imperial Majesty Queen Victoria to protect the British Empire from forces beyond the normal, from the realm of shadows, the stars and the supernatural.

Created at the Torchwood Estate in the Highlands of Scotland following Her Majesty's encounter with a werewolf there. A stranger called the Doctor and his companion Rose were pivotal in saving her life, but she felt their ways of doing so were an affront to all that was right and proper.

Her Majesty determined that if any such forces were to attack again, the Empire would be ready for them.

So the Torchwood Institute was formed, apart from the Government, with carte blanche and unlimited funds to ensure that any and all alien incursions were handled and any technology appropriated for the good of the Empire.

There are four known Torchwood locations;

Torchwood 1 - Located in London, located in the Torchwood Tower, known to the rest of the world as Canary Wharf (or more properly One Canada Square). It was the core of the organisation until their own arrogance led to the "Army of Ghosts" affair and the brief but catastrophic Dalek and Cyberman war. It seems to have been abandoned.

Torchwood 2 - Located in Glasgow, and all that is known is that it a very strange man works there. (Given Torchwoods apparent tolerance of quirks, that must REALLY be saying something)

Torchwood 3 - Located under Roald Dahl Plass in the centre of Cardiff and also known as "The Hub". This is the focus of the Torchwood series. It is relatively small, and has a very small staff, especially compared to Torchwood 1 luxurious accomodation. It is accessed either through a small Tourist Information Centre nearby, which exists purely as a cover for Torchwood, or via a lift which runs up to the Plass, which may seem unduly obvious except for the fact that anyone standing on that particular point is invisible to passers-by, which has been ascribed to the imprint of a device with a chameleon circuit landing there (A reference to the Doctor Who story "Boom Town").

Torchwood 4 - nothing more is known of this location than that it is currently "missing", whatever that might mean.

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