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The Companions (Warning: Links may contain Spoilers)
The New Series (2005- )
Those that travelled with the Ninth and Tenth Doctors

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Rose Tyler Rose Tyler
Rose Tyler was a perfectly ordinary young woman. Raised on the Powell Estates in London by her mother Jackie, her father having died when she was still a baby, her greatest achievement had been getting a bronze medal in gymnastics in an under-sevens class. She had an average job in an average department store, and an average boyfriend in the devoted, if a little over-dependent Mickey Smith. Then, as so often happens, she was in the wrong place at the right time, and met the Doctor and after that all the rules of her life went out the window. In short order; her life was threatened by homicidal shop-window dummies, her workplace was devastated by an explosion and her boyfriend was briefly replaced by a lethally shapeshifting lump of plastic.

However, when the dust had settled and offered the chance to go travelling with the Doctor, she left her life behind and jumped at the chance.

Then followed was the blossoming of one of the closest relationships between Doctor and companion. Rose revelled in every new experience the Doctor showed her and in the intensity of his company, and he, still traumatised by the Time War, appreciated a fresh, unjaded view on the universe.

When the Doctor discovered that a Dalek had survived the Time War, his reaction was irrational hatred to the point of obsession, but it was Rose who convinced him that doing so would make him no better than a Dalek, and in fact this Dalek had changed and was not only dying but simply sought to end it's life on it's own terms.

Rose still occasionally visited her mother and Mickey, but found her worldview had changed so much from her experiences that there was little to keep her there. Things just kept on happening; She became the only human to ever channel the entire power of the vortex within herself. She watched the Doctor changed into an entirely new person, but found herself, if anything, even more attracted to this now somewhat more outgoing Doctor. She met a woman who had finished travelling with the Doctor before Rose had even been born, and travelled to an alternate world where her father had survived and prospered, but where her mother was killed by the Cybermen, and where she herself had never been born. She even watched Mickey blossom into a genuine world-saving hero in his own right.

She planned on spending the rest of her life with the Doctor, and he seemed willing to let her. However, life is never that smooth. Things came to a head during the Dalek-Cyberman war, which led to Rose, much against her wishes, being stranded forever in the alternate universe, with her mother and Mickey. Reunited with her alternate father, this somewhat disjointed family unit is now living a new life in what (for most of them) is a new world. She and Mickey are close, if not a couple again, she's working for Torchwood, and she's about to become a big sister for the first time. She has seen more things and done more things than any dozen people could normally hope for in their lives, but she has to live with the fact that she is now forever separated from the man she now realises that she loved more than anyone else in her life.
Captain Jack Harkness Captain Jack Harkness
An enigmatic figure, whose true origins lie behind a haze of erased memories and flim-flam. A Time Agent who went rogue after he found two years of his memories had been removed, he ran into the Doctor and Rose whilst pulling a complex con-job in World War II London during "The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances". Ending the adventure by joining the Doctor and Rose, he travelled with them for some time, sharing many adventures, and finding that simply being with the Doctor and Rose changed him, forcing him to reappraise his lifestyle and become the hero he had always had the potential to be, but never the real inclination to pursue.

He died heroically fighting the Daleks, but a TARDIS-empowered Rose reversed that, though he was left behind when the Doctor and Rose left. When next seen, he was the head of Torchwood 3 on Earth in the 21st century, with even MORE mystery surrounding him....

Most notable during his travels for his irrepresible charm and, coming from a time when Mankind has spread througout the galaxies and developed a new, more flexible morality and approach to sexuality, his cheerfully omnisexual outlook.

Adam Mitchell Adam Mitchell
Invited on board the TARDIS by Rose, and against the Doctor's better judgement, Adam proved to be a short-lived companion, as he was unable to come to terms with the culture shock of his experiences without resorting to selfish attempts to improve his own lot.

He was unceremoniously dumped back on Earth by a disappointed Rose and Doctor, but retains a little more future tech than might be entirely healthy for him, in the long run.

Micky Smith Micky Smith
Car mechanic Mickey Smith had a somewhat unhappy childhood, with a father who abandoned his family, and a mother who couldn't cope. Mickey was mostly raised by his Gran, a stern but loving woman who ensured he stayed on the straight and narrow until the day she died in a domestic accident that Mickey blamed himself for. He had always been a friend of Rose Tyler, and they naturally fell into a relationship when they were old enough. However, he proved unable to cope with his initial introduction to the world the Doctor brought with him (in short order he was kidnapped by a wheelie-bin, and kept prisoner by a sentient mass of molten plastic) and so could only watch in shock as Rose left to join the Doctor on his travels. Motivated to know more about this strange alien who had appeared throughout history, Mickey became something of an expert at computer hacking and data accumulation, collecting masses of information on the Doctor. When Rose returned he was always there for her, but he knew that at some level, she was growing away from him. He retained a low level of rancour with the Doctor for, as he saw it, stealing his girl.

He made his first trip in the TARDIS immediately following the Doctor's regeneration into his 10th body, but it wasn't until some time later he made the conscious decision to join the Doctor and Rose on their adventures. His tenure proved somewhat short, as the TARDIS soon travelled to an alternate world where his Gran was still alive and where his own, more aggressive counterpart, Ricky, died at the hands of the Cybermen. He chose to stay on that world to continue the fight against the Cybermen, and to be with his Gran, who had not died on this world

He never expected to see Rose again, but when the Cybermen on his world disappeared he was part of the team that followed them to our dimension, where he met Rose and the Doctor again. He ended up returning to the other dimension, but this time so did Rose and her mother. He and Rose remain close, though it may be more the closeness of old trusted friends, as Rose still pines after the Doctor for now, and Mickey knows it.
Donna Noble Donna Noble
Office temp Donna Noble had possibly the most surprised introduction to the TARDIS of any companion. She certainly didn't want to be there, and the Doctor certainly wouldn't have invited her.

One moment she was walking down the aisle to marry her fiance Lance on Christmas Eve, the next she's in the TARDIS with a depressed Doctor (Who had just had to say a final goodbye to Rose) trying to work out how she got there. Self centred (She hadn't noticed the Cybermen invasion for example, because she was on holiday at the time), not overly bright, and on the rude side of abrupt, Donna made her displeasure clear, frequently and loudly, much to the Doctors frustration.

What followed was an incredible sequence of events including robotic attack Santa's, a car chase involving a London Taxi and a TARDIS, lethal Christmas tree ornaments, a trip to the creation of the planet Earth, cold betrayal, lost love and the draining of the River Thames. However, it wasn't just these events which stopped Donna from accepting the Doctors offer to continue travelling at the end of their adventure, it was the fact that she had seen the Doctor lose control in dealing with the invading Empress of the Racnoss and he positively scared her. She could understand that he needed a companion to tell him when to stop, but knew that couldn't be her, but that he should find one and soon.

However, as with all companions, Donna was changed for her experience. Still brusque and assertive, she was also a little wiser, a little more aware of the world around her, and more determined to see some of it's wonders, and this time appreciate what was going on for real.
Martha Jones Martha Jones
The new girl in the Tardis!

The Classic Series & TV Movie (1963-1989 & 1996)
Those that travelled with the First to Eight Doctors

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Susan Foreman Susan Foreman
The first travelling companion of the first Doctor was Susan, who called him Grandfather and who he always treated as a grand-daughter. The veracity of this relationship has never been confirmed or denied, but is taken on trust.

Using the assumed surname of "Foreman", she was the bane of the staff at the Coal Hill School where she was a student (whilst the Doctor worked on the TARDIS and dealt with the concealment of the Hand of Omega), as her knowledge teetered between staggeringly detailed at supergenius level and hopelessly out of date. Wanting to check on her background, teachers' Ian Chesterton and Barbara Wright went to visit her at her home which seemed to be a junkyard at 76 Totters Lane. The rest, as they say, was history...

Susan travelled with the Doctor and cared for him for years, but in the end the Doctor chose to "strand" her a future Earth following "The Dalek Invasion of Earth", during which she had fallen in love with a man. He knew that her loyalty to her grandfather would never allow her to stay and pursue her own happiness so he took the matter out of her hand. They were joyfully, if briefly, reunited during "The Five Doctors".

Barbara Wright Barabara Wright
Barbara Wright was a respected and well liked teacher of History at Cole Hill School. One of her pupils though, gave her deeo cause for concern, Susan Foreman, whose knowedge of history was erratic, but sometimes beyond brilliant. Concerned about her evasiveness regararding her home life, Barbara and colleague Ian Chesterton followed her home one night and eneded up being swept away through time and space by Susan's grandfather, who was known only as "The Doctor".

Barbara soon proved that even in circumstances as diverse as alien planets or the distant past and future, she was a capable and strong willed woman. When she had the opportunity she even tried to improve at one point, by seeking to ban human sacrifice endemic in Aztec culture, though this proved unsuccesful.

She and Ian grew closer to each other as their adventures together passed (They were, essentially, the only two "normal" people in the TARDIS). However they both grew fatigued with the relentless pace and danger and when the opportunity arose to use a Dalek time machine to return home, they took it together.

There has been much fan speculation as to whether Barbara and Ian would have stayed together once they resumed their normal lives.

Ian Chesterton Ian Chesterton
Another of Susans teachers, who also joins the TARDIS crew

Vicki Vicki
An orphan from the 25th century, who was stranded on the planet Dido and grew up in almost complete isolation. The Doctor, still feeling the loss of Susan, felt great affection for Vicki and invited her to join his crew, having no ties to Dido, she happily accepted and was a selcome addition to the TARDIS, treating the Doctor as a surrogate grandfather and Ian and Barbara as elder siblings.

Few can have had a more historically well known departure from the TARDIS, as Vicki chose to remain behind in ancient Greece with Troilus who she had come to love. As such she is best known to the world as Cressida, the name given to her by King Priam of Troy. It's worth noting though, that in THIS version of the story, Cressida is a far stronger, less inconstant example of womanhood than the subsequent myth would tell.
Stephen Tylor Stephen Tylor
A lost Astronaut

Katarina Katarina
The first to fall!

Dodo (Dorothea Chaplet) Dodo (Dorothea Chaplet)
A teenager from 1966

Ben Jackson Ben Jackson
A Sailor who travelled with both first and second Doctors

Polly Polly
Another teenager from the 60s - travelled with both first and second Doctors

Jamie McCrimmon Jamie McCrimmon
Scottish Companion of the Second Doctor (and alias of the tenth!)

Victoria Waterfield Victoria Waterfield
From Victorian England, she joins the Doctor after the Daleks killed her father

Zoe Herriot Zoe Herriot
A young astrophysicist from Space Station W3

Brigadier Alastair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart Brigadier Alastair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart
Head of U.N.I.T who has assisted more incarnations of the Doctor than anyone else

Elizabeth (Liz) Shaw Elizabeth (Liz) Shaw
U.N.I.T. Scientific advisor

Jo Grant Jo Grant
Intial Ditzy, but fiercely independent companion to the Doctor

Sarah Jane Smith Sarah Jane Smith
Resourceful Metropolitan journalist (the Doctor liked her so much he eventually got her a dog!)

Harry Sullivan Harry Sullivan
A Naval Surgeon-Lieutenant assigned by the Brigadier to look after the newly-regenerated 4th Doctor in "Robot", Harry had his work cut out for him from the outset. His patient was prone to irrational outbursts and even when rational was less than tactful; "You may be A doctor, but I'm THE Doctor, the definite article, so to speak."

He more or less became a companion by accident when to took up a dare to see inside the TARDIS.

A well-meaning, loyal, if a trifle chavinistic companion, he never really took to space travel, preferring a more rational, orderly lifestyle and left the next time the TARDIS visited 20th Century Earth in "Terror of the Zygons".
Leela Leela
Leela, a member of the Sevateem tribe (the descendents of a long lost Earth survey team descended into barbarism), met the 4th Doctor on her homeworld (whose name was never revealed) during "The Face of Evil". A skilled, if somewhat ruthless, warrior she decided to join the Doctor because she felt she owned him her life, and more or less foisted himself on her by leaping aboard the TARDIS and triggering the dematerialisation before the Doctor could stop her.

The Doctor took the opportunity to educate her, taking her to times and places where she could learn there were better ways than drawing her knife, or slapping her opponent with a paralysing Janis thorn. The converse being, of course, that her very direct approach sometimes DID work better than subtlety.

This "Professor Higgins and Eliza Dolittle" relationship was a happy one, and the Doctor seemed genuinely sad when she finally decided to settle on Gallifrey with Andred, a Time Lord and Commander of the Chancellary Guard.

K9 K9
The Robot dog creation of Professor Marius

Romanadvoratrelundar (Romana) I Romanadvoratrelundar (Romana) I
The Doctors second (if you count Susan) Time Lord Companion was Romanadvoratrelundar (The Doctor immediately chose to call her Romana for short, much to her dislike (He told her the alternative was "Fred", which it turns out she liked better, but by then it was too late, and Romana she remained). A slip of a thing of 120 or so and in her first body, she was assigned to the Doctor by the White Guardian of Time (Who masqueraded as the President of the High Council of Gallifrey to do so) to assist in the search for the Key to Time.

She was intellectually brilliant (She scored a Triple First at the Academy, whereas the Doctor got 51% on his second attempt), but lacked any real life experience beyond the sheltered Cloisters of Gallifrey. At first dismissive of the Doctors slapdash approach to life she learned to moderate her somewhat haughty manner. Her reasons for choosing to regenerate were never made clear.

Romanadvoratrelundar (Romana) II Romanadvoratrelundar (Romana) II
After the Key to Time mission was completed, Romana found that she wanted to stay with the Doctor and see the universe with him. She also chose to regenerate, for reasonas unknown, and showed vastly more control over the process than the Doctor ever had, including trying out a variety of new bodies (including several obviously alien ones) before opting to mimic the appearance of Princess Astra of Atrios who they had met during the end of the Key to Time affair. She also showed none of the emotional stress the Doctor has shown after regenerating though, to be fair, the Doctor's regenerations have usually been due to life threatening problems, rather than mere choice.

This new Romana was lighter in manner, more easygoing and more whimsical, though still with a phenomenal intellect and a somewhat impatient approach to lesser minds.

Finally summoned back to Gallifrey, she chose to ignore the summons, and ended up remaining in the parallel dimension of E-Space, in the company of the first K-9 (a farewell gift from the Doctor) and Lazlo, a member of the Time Sensitive Tharil's.

Adric Adric
The essence of a socially inept teenage misfit, Adric never truly found his place in the world. A mathematical genius on his homeworld of Alzarius (in the parallel dimension of E-Space), he longed to be rebel against the repressed society he was a part of, but when he tried to join his brother and his gang of "Outlers" he didn't fit in there either.

He eventually stowed away in the TARDIS, and briefly found something akin to a family with the Fourth Doctor, Romana II and K9, but in short order they all left, or regenerated, and he found himself with a different Doctor, Nyssa and Tegan, who he coud never view as warmly and who were less indulgent of his moods.

Alzarians have a phenomenally rapid metabolism, able to heal injuries in minutes and adapt to hostile conditions very rapidly. This might explain Adric's constant hunger, which became the butt of many jokes in his appearances, and his tendency to occasionally defect to the bad guys side, since his species imperative is to survive at any cost.

Still not happy as a member of the crew, he finally opted to return home to Alzarius, which the Doctor was regretfully willing to do, but before that could happen he died, trying desperately to defuse a Cyberman bomb heading towards Earth. He failed, and the bomb triggered the predestined extinction of the dinosaurs on Earth. He is one of a small number of companions to end their travels with the Doctor by dying

Nyssa Nyssa
Aristocratic orphan companion

Tegan Jovanka Tegan Jovanka
Teenage Maths genius from a parallel universe

Vislor Turlough Vislor Turlough
Alien schoolboy orignally sent to kill the Doctor

Kamelion Kamelion
Another robotic companion but not a dog this time (and not as famous either!)

Perpugilliam (Peri) Brown Perpugilliam (Peri) Brown
An eighteen year-old American Botany student

Melanie (Mel) Bush Melanie (Mel) Bush
A computer programmer from the 20th Century

Ace (Dorothy Gale McShane) Ace (Dorothy Gale McShane)
A 20th-century teenager with a rebellious streak, and a love of explosives!

Dr Grace Holloway Dr Grace Holloway
A cardiologist from San Francisco, helped the Doctor save the Earth for the new millenium