And the mysterious Mister Smith!

Sarah Jane's Lair
Lacking the funds or inclination to equip a high tech lair, or a secret base, Sarah-Jane did the most obvious thing she could think of, and converted her attic into her base of operations.
Changing Rooms should take a lesson!

The most obvious addition to the attic is the computer referred to as Mr Smith. How Sarah got hold of such a stunning piece of alien technology remains to be seen. Based around a dynatropic crystal (Which might suggest a link to the alien race the Krotons (Who were a sentient crystalline life form maintained by a device called the Dynatrope), but this is unconfirmed.

Mr Smith seems to possess near infinite computing power, accessing any system Sarah wishes (within the boundaries of good manners). "He" allowed access to the Bane factories communications system, and even managed to create a complete fake history and official identity for 'Luke Smith' at short notice.

The rest of the attic is filled with a vast number of books as well as mementos of past adventures with the Doctor (and without him), her past journalistic career, and alien technology she has been given or acquired thorough other means. Framed photo's of UNIT's Brigadier Lethbridge Stewart and Medical Officer Harry Sullivan (a friend and fellow traveller with the Doctor) are also visible.

The attic also houses a box containing the black hole void where K-9 is currently active, preserving the world from disaster.

Technology we know of includes;

Sonic lipstick - The sonic device, disguised in a lipstick, uses sound vibrations to open any door that doesn't have a deadlock seal. Useless as a lipstick, though.

Scanner Watch - A gift from the Doctor. Essential tools - pieced together using alien technology. The scanner watch detects alien life and identifies species and origin.

Mirror Drone - Found: Sosnowiecz, Poland 2002. Function: Creates a short-lived copy of the user; useful if you want to say hello to yourself but you only get thirty seconds with your double before they vanish - so have your camera ready. Origin: Unknown

Dynacron Star Drive - Found: Leeds, England 1996. Function: Powers a spaceship engine on long haul flights between galaxies. No longer working - but the technology's dangerous in the wrong hands. A Leeds man was using it to increase the size of his prize veg. Origin: Vassat.

Mysterious Circuit - Found: Shenyang, China, c.1880s. Function: Not clear. Could be a power control device from an advanced civilization. Could be a toaster. Origin: Not known - advanced design suggests possibly used by a time travelling race. But it could be anything. So don't touch. Or anything might happen.

Another unidentified tripodal object is actually a Phillipe Stark lemon juicer.

The Owl - A souvenir of Sarah Jane's past; she's had the owl for a long time, and even took it aboard the Tardis with her.

Helmet - Found: London, England 1974. Function: No ordinary protective helmet. Capable of altering the electro-magnetic fields in the brain. It is thought that it's original use was in conjunction with a scanner that was capable of interpreting the user's thoughts. To be used with care. Origin: Unknown.

Mask - A souvenir from a visit to South America - long, long ago. 1971.

What other secret's the attic may hold are still to be revealed.

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