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A former Companions own companions
Rani Chandra Rani Chandra
Moving into Marias old house on Bannerman Road with her mum and dad, Rani is inquisitive, smart and sassy. Wants to be a journalist, a sort of junior Sarah Jane, and thus idolises Sarah Jane just a little and in return, Sarah Jane takes her happily on her investigations. Rani enjoys Luke's company because they're both quite bright and eager to learn. However, she's equally fond of Clyde because he's cool and a bit rebellious, and has charm.

Luke Smith Luke Smith
An artifically created human being, the boy who would become known as Luke was created by the alien species known as the Bane, as an experimental template, or Archetype, to try and understand why certain humans were resistant to the effects of Bubbleshock. To do this the Archetype was created as a complete blank slate. They then proceeded to scan the memory and physicality of every human visitor to the Bubbleshock plant, and feed the collected data into the Archetype. Eventually he achieved independent sentience.

Rebelling against the Bane, he chose to assist Sarah-Jane and Maria in their mission to stop the Bane from enslaving the world.

Now without a purpose or a home, Sarah-Jane offered to take him in and adopt him as her son, using the resources of her computer Mr Smith to fake the necesary documentiation, and he happily accepted. He had no name, the Bane never feeling he needed one, and after considering options like Harry and Alasdair (after friends from her past) she settled on Luke, the name she had always wanted to give a son if she had had one.

Luke is gifted with the strengths and weaknesses of all the humans whose information was fed into him. Amongst other as yet unknown abilites he might possess, he has an extraordinary eidetic memory and has vast quantities of knowledge in his mind, but lacks any real-life experience to allow this information to be put into context.

Clyde Langer Clyde Langer
Clyde discovered that aliens exist when he followed Maria into the school technology block and saw several Slitheen (including a child Slitheen) whom he saw change out of their disguises. While Sarah Jane was annoyed to have another person depending on her she eventually warmed to Clyde when he proved helpful in figuring out the Slitheen's weakness and in defeating the family.
Clyde appears to put a lot of value in appearing "cool", and is a bit of a troublemaker. He initially finds Maria and Luke strange — especially Luke. However, Clyde is not without his tender side, and encourages Sarah Jane to allow Luke to call her "Mum", suspecting that this is what she really wants.

K9 K9 (Mk IV)
K9 has an illustrious history as a companion both to the Doctor and Sarah-Jane.
Originally, the Doctor left MkIII as a surprise gift to be discovered by Sarah-Jane after they had parted ways, and they shared many adventures toegther, including breaking up a cult of local Satanists. But time and a lack of available replacement parts took their toll, and by the time Sarah-Jane met the 10th Doctor Mk III was inoperable. The Doctor restored him to temporary operation, but the tin dog proved his worth one last time by being central to the destruction of the Krillitane threat.

The Doctor left to travel again, but did leave Sarah with one last surprise, K9 Mk IV! Fully restored and upgraded, K9 was all set to accompany Sarah on many more new adventures.

Alas for them both, shortly after this, Sarah-Jane and K9 were involved in the plans of the insane Professor Ehrlich to create a mini-black hole. The Professor was sucked into his own creation, and K9 volunteered to remain with the black holes protective vortex safe until he was able to close it off properly. Sarah-Jane took the safe back to London with her and it sits in her attic to this day. Occasional communication was possible, but he was unable to leave and rejoin his mistress during this time. However both parties were confident that nothing would keep this girl and her dog apart forever and finally when an alien ship trapped on Earth required a black hole for energy, K9 was finally able to di-charge his duty and leave the safe for good.

Maria Jackson Maria Jackson
Moving into Bannerman Road with her dad (Alan), following her parents divorce, Maria had no reason to suspect that her life was going to take quite such a strange turn.

Level headed and thoughtful, Maria was the epitome of 'the girl next door', however, in her case, the girl next door was Sarah-Jane Smith! At first Sarah-Jane seemed to be brusque and unfriendly to her new neighbours. But not long after though, Maria saw strange lights in Sarah-Jane's garden after dark and, upon investigating, discovered Sarah-Jane in communication with a glowing ethereal being who could only be an alien.

Shock followed shock when a visit to the manufacturing planet for the suspiciously popular soft drink 'Bubbleshock' led her into a complex plot involving hostile space slugs, mind control, and a disturbingly intelligent, yet completely innocent young boy apparently held captive there.

Now she, Sarah-Jane and Luke (and her other neighbour, Kelsey) are a team who are finding that you don't need to travel into space to meet aliens, and you don't always assume that they are hostile, because people are people, even if they AREN'T people. Maria later left Bannerman Road with her dad for the USA, but has stayed in touch with Sarah-Jane, Luke and Clyde

Kelsey Harper Kelsey Harper (Pilot episode)
Living just down Bannerman Road from Sarah-Jane, Kelsey is convinced that her neighbour was slightly mad. However she made friends with Maria shortly after she moved in (Though she was apparently scrounging Bubbleshock too).

Some teenagers appear shallow but have hidden depths, but Kelsey genuinely does seem to be that shallow! She likes; good looking boys, teen-soap Hollyoaks and was addicted to Bubbleshock, though the good looking Bubbleshock factory tour guide might have helped with that.

She absolutely refuses to believe in aliens and the like, despite massive evidence to the contrary. How long this will last when she is in the company of Sarah-Jane, Luke and Maria remains to be seen, but like many people, her talent for self-deception appears to be near-limitless.