the truth,
no matter
how strange.

What happens when a TARDIS traveller stops travelling by TARDIS?
If she's Sarah-Jane Smith, she discovers that life on Earth can be an adventure too.
A freelance journalist when she first met the Doctor, Sarah-Jane already had a credible career with Metropolitan newspaper and other magazines, covering the likes of the loss of British astronaut Gary Crawford in the XK5 space capsule. She met the Doctor whilst infiltrating a scientific compound to investigate strange goings on, which turned out to be alien in origin. Her aid was invaluable, and almost despite himself, the Doctor warmed to this no-nonsense young woman. From then on she remained loyally by the Doctor's side through many adventures, working with both him and UNIT at times (providing the cover story for the invasion of Central London by dinosaurs for example). She was there when he regenerated from his third body to his fourth, and still remained with him, meeting everything from Sontarans to the Loch Ness Monster.

But the time came when the Doctor had to leave her behind. He was summoned to Gallifrey and was forbidden from taking her. Hurt by this abandonment Sarah-Jane never truly adjusted to life on Earth after her travels in the Tardis. She wrote a book on the activities of UNIT; 'Fighting for Humankind', and still investigated strange events where she could though, some involving the Doctor, though she never knew it (Such as the events of Silver Nemesis) and others which just happened anyway (Like uncovering the true, sinister purpose of the Millenium Dome).

It was during one such investigation many years later, that she encountered the Doctor again, and was finally able to make her peace with him.

She resolved not to waste any more of her life feeling sorry for herself and rededicated her life to maintaining positive alien contact, accompanied by her loyal dog, K9 and gifted with some new toys by the Doctor (A watch that can scan for life forms, and a multi purpose 'sonic lipstick'). She has also obtained, from sources as yet unknown, a remarkable computer with near limitless power.

She is aware of the methods that the likes of UNIT and Torchwood use but doesn't entirely approve, and knows she can't operate like that herself.

In her own quiet, and sometimes rather lonely way, she sought to maintain contact with friendly aliens, but was quite prepared to... deal with unfriendly aliens.

Her most recent forays into this field led to her developing companions of her own; 13 year old neighbour, Maria and, most unexpectedly, Luke, an unusual young man with no family, and no past, who she has adopted as her son. Soon joined by schoolfriend Clyde, these three young people have brought new spirit to Sarah-Jane's life.

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