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Subj: Concerning YouTube [MOD COMMENT] (Can all posters please read)
Posted: Wed Jun 04, 2008 at 03:54:09 pm GMT (Viewed 18 times)
Reply Subj: An old Doctor Who movies?
Posted: Thu Jun 05, 2008 at 04:00:15 am GMT (Viewed 1 times)

Just recently we've had to remove a couple of YouTube posts from the board. So this might be a good time to clarify the rules on what you can and can't post here.

You CANNOT post links to full episodes.
Any links to full episodes will be removed immediately, currently Icon has been leaving a message in it's place explaining why the post was removed but we don't have to do that, it's just we're British and polite, but take those as a warning if links continue to appear we will delete them without warning and eventually start banning people.

The only exception to this rule would be if the BBC themselves ever post any complete episodes on their own YouTube account as of yet they haven't and i can't imagine they ever will.

EDIT 20/11/2009: Only now they actually have and there's a link to them in the boards main header! Still that just goes to show what i know! \:\)

You CANNOT post links to trailers or any material unless it is from the BBC's You Tube Account.
The problem here of course that a lot of the stuff on the BBC's account is region locked and can't be viewed outside the UK, but some of the trailers may appear on the websites of whichever broadcaster is showing Doctor Who in your area, so you may be able to view and link to thoses as they will have been licensed by the BBC for publicity purposes.
We appreciate that this rule seems odd as surely these don't effect the BBC's sales of the show and in fact may indeed increase them as surely as ads they increase viewer interest in the show thus higher ratings, more DVD sales etc, but the BBC says no so we have to respect that.

It annoys us as fans too, as we'd love to put the trailer in the board header but as we could only legally link to the BBC's account most of the posters at this board wouldn't be able to see it.

You CAN (currently) post links to many fan films on YouTube
This is the grey area, at the moment the BBC don't seem too bothered about the existance of the many and various fan made films on the net, be it those made by animating Lego bricks or socks, through to those that re-edit actual scenes from the show turning them into music videos or comedy skits etc. These do, to varying degrees, infringe their copyrights - as to a point does the very existence of this or any unlicensed 'fan' project.)

This is why Agent-D's post has been allowed to remain.

The rule we currently work by here is that as long as it's non-profit and doen't effect the BBC financially we'll allow it until the BBC tells us otherwise, then it stops.

Basically this is the 'fair use' rule.

We will vet all posts in this category as they appear, if we feel for any reason they do cross the line and does have to be removed we will tell you why, but mostly we enjoy these as much as the rest of you so feel free to point out the really good ones...

So until the BBC tell us to stop (or more likely just have them all deleted from YouTube so there's nothing for us to link to anyway...) you're all currently free to link to these.

Agree or Disgaree, these rules are not up for debate, if you have a point you do feel is relevant then please email it to us directly.
Thank you.

Carl S Blakebrough
On behalf of the Moderators of the Doctor Who Message Board

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